FSJ is a PCB and FPC manufacturer.Since foundation in 2002, we have been serving our customers in the the Changjiang River Delta, other regions in Mainland China, South-east Asia and Europe. To give our customers more efficient and up-to-date service. We are located in Jiang Nin District, NanJing. It is specialized in double-sided and multi-layer PCB. Another department , It makes precise FPC for telecommunication products. Both of department have got ISO9001 (2000) certificates. All products we made are compliant with IPC standard.
     “Outstanding Quality, Low Cost and Service First” is our sales strategy. To assure you of the top quality that we have promised you, we carry up strict QC in every production stage.
     Our turnaround for prototype is just 7 days for multi-layer board (1days and 3 days for single-sided and double-sided).With the entrance to the WTO, China’s PCB and FPC market is booming due to the demand coming from overseas. To keep up with the pace, we have been adopting latest technologies and equipments from Japan and US. Our effort to environmental protection has been very effective. We are the ISO14000 applicant to be accredited soon.
    Our mission is to be the most successful PCB and FPC maker. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the new century.

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